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An Epic battle ensues

Blog by Jacquie P. Wilson | May 29th, 2019

I was just reading the weekly Stats of listings in North Vancouver.  I was surprised to see there are less houses for sale right now.  There are only 399  houses for sale right now in North Van.  There were 440 houses for sale at the same time last year.  There is double the amount of condo's and townhouses for sale.  The prices are softening but the sellers refuse to take a beating and the buyers refuse to buy at a high price when they perceive the market is going down and the news is constantly bad about Real Estate.  Basically there is a battle taking place between the sellers and the buyers.  This is nothing new.     With all these people flooding into North Vancouver it is going to be okay.  They will have to live some where and buying a home sure beats the heck out of paying rent.  Which means you are paying someone else's mortgage.