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A hot market

Blog by Jacquie P. Wilson | October 14th, 2020

Sales went up 44% in September.  Multiple bids on detached properties are happening like crazy.  A house garners 6-7 offers.  The market is going up as I write this.  When the market goes up like this it is very difficult to purchase. but it is easy to sell.  I always recommend an inspection no matter what.  In the case of a multiple bid.  You want your offer to be strong which means subject free.  Get a pre-inspection done.  It is better to spend the money and know what you are getting then to go in blind. We are not seeing this kind of activity in apartments.  There seems to be a bit of a glut on the market for condo's.  Plus there is the insurance problem.   Interesting times during covid.  People have to live somewhere.  Condo's are still moving just at a slower rate.