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Blog by Jacquie P. Wilson | April 15th, 2010

Well I signed the petition against the HST, because it is adding tax to many things that are presently only being charged one tax.  For instance, the amount of money that you the seller pay when you hire a realtor to sell you home.  Currently, the vendor has to pay GST on commission which is 5%.  With HST the seller would be required to pay an additional 7%.  There is no rebate planned for this added expense.  Everyone already feels that it costs enough to sell Real Estate in BC do we really need to add another tax?  Things that are getting the extra 7% with no planned re-bate that will affect the housing market are: Cable television, Internet; Home renovations, Architect services; energy equipment; and energy expenses, like natural gas.  The government is just slipping this extra hit to the average law abiding citizen, who is already paying tax on their income as well as tax on everything they buy or sell. We Canadians are a polite Lot but, it is time to not take this tax lying down.